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Фото-видео объявления и публикации на карте Photo-video ads and publications on the map
ß-version of the new interface. Changes in each section - Preparedness. Thank you for using - project useful information for the user knowledge level.

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  • Idea
  • Matters of sections
  • Partners
  • job  – an information portal with the generator of export of photo-video of announcements and search of objects in radius from set (on a card) seats.

MAIN PRINCIPLE - all announcements with PRISE, the PHOTO and with the place in MAP.

Loading of VIDEO of advertising with export on video portals You Tube and others is possible.
SEARCH In RADIUS FROM the SEAT SET by the USER provides the way to find announcements from each section which are published in this territory.

GENERATOR of EXPORT - the system places announcements on other sites.



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